Staffing services to offshore shipping companies

Personalhuset HRC Offshore has provided staffing services to all offshore shipping companies in Norway for two decades. We are among the largest staffing agencies in Norway for maritime services, with a very large candidate pool of mariners. Our candidates can man and operate virtually all types of sea vessels. We specialize in delivering qualified and experienced seafarers to work on various vessels. 

- Our largest customers are within the oil and gas industry, but we also have customers in aquaculture, fish farming, well boats, and fisheries. 

- Personalhuset HRC offshore is present along the entire coast of Norway, with offices in Ålesund, Bergen, Stavanger, and Haugesund. We believe that our local presence combined with our extensive market understanding is one of the reasons why we have developed a close partnership with our customers over the years. 

- We think of our seafarers as our ambassadors, that's why we value the respect and trust between us, the sailor, and the shipping company. 

  Our certifications

Our certifications