When you work for Personalhuset, we are committed to taking care of you and providing follow-up so that you can succeed to the best of your ability in your job.

As an employee at Personalhuset, you have the opportunity to try out various industries and professions to find out what suits you best. Such diverse experience provides you with valuable skills and enhances your future prospects in the job market. A dedicated advisor from our team will regularly support you and provide feedback on the work you perform.



A safe and secure employer

Personalhuset emphasizes being a safe and secure employer. We are a member of the Staffing Industry in NHO Service. This ensures that we adhere to the laws and regulations that are applicable at all time


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The right to sickness benefits only arises on the day you report that you are ill, provided that the statutory rules are followed. In the absence due to. you must call and report sick leave to the Office as soon as possible and at the latest before the start of working hours. If you are out of commission for more than 14 days, a new earning time will start.

Message in the form of text message or email is not accepted.

Sick leave or self-report must be delivered as soon as possible, or at the latest with the time list for the current time period.

  • Absence with sick leave - After 4 weeks of work for us, sick leave from doctor gives right to sickness benefit.
  • Absence with self-report - After at least 8 weeks of continuous work, self-report can be used for up to 3 calendar days at a time from the first full day of absence. This means that if you get sick and go home from work during the day, you will be paid for the hours you have worked. No sick pay is paid for the rest of the day unless there is a medical report from a doctor. From day 4, you must have a medical certificate from the doctor in order to be entitled to sick pay.
  • Childcare sickness benefit - After 4 weeks of work for us, self-notification can be used if one has sick child under 12 years.
    NB! Unless the obligation to notify and deadlines are met, wages will not be paid for any of the current sick days.

Note: Unless the obligation to notify and deadlines are met, wages will not be paid for any of the current sick days.

You are responsible for ensuring that the electronic timetable is correctly completed and submitted on time. The timetable must be approved electronically before remuneration can be made. Login information is sent to you via email along with supplementary information on the use of electronic time lists.

The timetable must be sent / registered or delivered to the payroll office by the 15th and the last date of each month. Wages are paid on the 7th and 22nd of each month. If the payment date falls on Saturday, Sunday or public holidays, wages are paid on the first and subsequent working day.

If there are inconsistencies between you and the client regarding the hour registration, you will discuss this with your consultant in the Personal House, not with the client.

When you are on assignment with one of our customers, the client is responsible for ensuring that the HSE requirements and routines are followed and that you receive the necessary training in the procedures and safety equipment at the workplace. This is in accordance with §2-2 of the Working Environment Act and the rules on coordination of HSE in the workplace.

You are responsible for actively contributing to the implementation of HSE measures. This means that you carry out the work in accordance with procedures and safety regulations in the customer company, that you use the necessary protective equipment and that you use the correct working positions to prevent muscle and skeletal complaints.

Protective gear
If protective equipment or other necessary equipment for your safety is required, you will be provided with it, and you are obliged to use it.

You will receive a written certificate. The certificate must include your name, birthday and year, what kind of work you have done, and the duration of the employment relationship.

As a general rule, we pay every 14 days. In order to pay wages, the Personal House must have your bank account and tax card. You must apply for a tax card yourself if you do not already have it (www.skatteetaten.no). After ordering the tax card, you will receive information about your tax card from the tax office (tax deduction notice), usually within 5 business days. If we do not receive your tax information in a timely manner, we are required by applicable laws and regulations to deduct 50% of your gross salary tax.

Employees at Personalhuset are expected to familiarize themselves with our Ethical Guidelines.

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