We have our own professional environment that works with restructuring and development. We provide support through the process for both managers and employees. A good process safeguards the employer brand, and contributes to calm, focus on the future and value creation during a demanding period.

Our advisors provide advice and guidance to managers, union representatives and employees in case of restructuring. We take care of the redundancies by restructuring and staffing so that those affected receive assistance on the way to a new job.


We have expertise in outplacement, restructuring, staffing, career counseling and assistance in a new job. Our customers are businesses in both the private and public sectors.

Our professional environment can also contribute to increased internal mobility and utilization of resources through tailor-made

  • Career Program
  • Job Management Program
  • Skills mapping and development
  • Coaching at work

For us, it is important to contribute to restructuring without conflict. The goal is to maintain productivity in the business throughout the process and to help those who quit their working conditions get into a new right job.

We deliver our restructuring services in the Nordic region with local counselors.