After submitting your application and CV, you are eagerly waiting to hear from the company you have applied to. Often it starts with a phone call where someone from the company calls you and says that they are interested in getting to know you, but what happens then?

Here we have listed some tips on how to prepare for an interview.


Preparing for an interview -  When you have been invited to an interview, it means that you are qualified for the position. The company likes what they see, and now they want to get to know you better as a person. A job interview is therefore mainly about showing off your personal qualities and putting in some good words on why they should choose you.


Read up in advance - Once you have been invited in for an interview, it is important to know what kind of company you are going to. Read up on their websites and social media sites and get a good idea of ​​what they do. One tip is to check out their competitors. This way, you show the company that you are interested and have spent time researching the subject area. If this is an industry that is completely unknown to you, you should learn about this as well. Also read up on the company's values ​​- is there something you recognize? You may also want to do a news search, to see if they have been in the media lately.

Read the job announcement and make some thoughts about the work assignments. How will you solve them? Have you experienced this before? Imagine questions about this and how to answer.


Prepare for questions - Once you are familiar with the tasks, you can easier imagine what kind of questions you can get. Look at your own skills and try to predict what they might be wondering about and prepare good answers. This also makes you feel more in control of the interview and helps calm your nerves. Review your application and resume and extract what you think is important that they include so that you can elaborate before they start asking you the questions. You may also want to make a few questions that you would like to ask. You can ask about things related to work tasks, working hours, the culture of the company and possibly the team you are going to work for.


Practice makes perfect - A good interview requires preparation and practice. If you spend time practicing ahead of the interview, you have greater chances of success. Practice in front of the mirror or with some friends. This way, you can get feedback on what you forgot or how you present yourself to wake their interests and / or reach out with your message.


Include - It is never wrong to bring a folder of documents. Print the job ad and application text, as well as two copies of your resume so you have one to spare. If there are several at the meeting but not everyone has a resume, you can hand out one and give a good impression. Also include testimonials and recommendations. You can also bring your own notes, it's fine. We hope you feel ready to start preparing for an interview with these tips. Remember, there is never anything wrong with going to many interviews. Experience makes you better.